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 Partner with Us: Join Our Exclusive Network of Distributors and Resellers

Welcome to Herbal Infusions Kitchen, where we offer premium teas, hot sauces, and cream honey with astragalus root. Our mission is to deliver quality products that positively impact communities worldwide. As a partner, you’ll be able to distribute or resell our fully organic curated products crafted with the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Why Partner with Us?

 Adaptogen Herb Infused Hotsauce

Tell your customers you care about their health with a scrumptious sauce infused with the medically relevant adaptogen herb Astragalus.

Provide an exclusive guilt free, poison free & delicious flavor for your wings, tacos, rice bowls, guacamole, eggs or exclusive chef's special creation. 


Your customers care about their health!

Showcasing high quality 'one of one' items tells customers you provide only the best. 

Our specialty items intrigue customers & encourages them to share their experience & come back for more!

Our diverse catalog of unique premium herbal, green, floral and fruit teas, herbal hot sauce, and one of a kind cream honey to appeal to a wide customer base.

What we do is in high demand! Healthful, clean products attract a broad audience of folks willing to invest in their food, driving higher sales and profits.


What’s In It for You?

Make a positive impact you can promote and be proud of. Purchases contribute to community projects and supporting Americans facing food insecurity.  

All items are made in America and all purchases support initiatives to improve the health of the youth and ecosystem. 

You will also receive comprehensive support: Get dedicated marketing and sales resources from our team.

Our Commitment

At Herbal Infusion Kitchen, we believe in the power of premium products to create positive change. Our teas, hot sauces, and honey are crafted with care, supporting social and ecological initiatives. Partner with us to enhance your business and make a statement that quality, health, and sustainability matter.

Join us in spreading wellness and positivity. Together, we can make a difference, one product at a time.

More flavors of hot sauce are on the way!

For more information on becoming a partner lets hop on a 15 minute call

Let's create a better future together.